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280 of 365: #MassGainProject UPDATE

Travis Holley August 16, 2012 365Days of Strength, Strength training Comments

It’s been approximately a month of my #MassGainProject and I am up 10lbs!!!

I weighed in this morning at 174lbs, which is crazy to me, seeing as how it took me nearly a year and a half to get to 165 from 140ish.  I guess focusing my nutrition efforts is paying off….Who would’ve guessed?

I’ve had several requests from people that I share what it is that I’m eating to get these results, and to be honest, I’ve already shared the extent of “tips” and “tricks” with this POST.  Besides that, I really pretty much eat like I always have, just more of it.  A lot more!  My diet is what you could call, “Flexible Paleo”.  That is to say that I keep my food very clean most of the time….I eat when I’m hungry, and stop when I’m miserable(it’s the price you pay to gain).  I do have my days where I eat chips, cereal, GF brownies, milk shakes, etc.  Even on those days, I still keep my diet Gluten-Free, which tends to maintain a quality that the majority of Americans would find absolutely insane.

That all being said, I have found what works best for me:

-Flexible Paleo in large amounts and consistent frequencies

-Heavy lifts and short, High-Intensity workouts = More Fun/Less Stress

-Digestive Enzymes, L-Glutamine and Fish Oil

-Quality rest whenever possible

You will have to figure out what your best combo is if you wish to join the #MassGainProject.  Remember that everyone will respond differently to differing stimuli.  Look at this as a big-ass science experiment – you are the lab rat.  Play with different combinations of the above variables, but remember to NOT over-complicate things.  As is my view with most things in life, it’s much better to keep it simple.  It leaves more time to actually enjoy the ___________(you fill in the blank)

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