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Are You In a PR Drought?

If you’ve been working towards a new deadlift PR but can’t seem to break through, I’ve got the goods that you need! In a recent article I wrote for The Triune, I discuss how including the Trap Bar into your [...]

May 15, 2013 Deadlift, Instructional, Trap Bar Deadlift

Speed vs. Heavy

Here’s what I’ve got for y’all today - It’s a very interesting article on T-Nation illustrating the opinion/fact that you don’t need to always lift heavy to increase your 1-RM, contrary to popular belief.  It is true that you can’t [...]

April 2, 2013 Deadlift, Speed Lifts

Day 339 of 365: Why “Knees OUT” is so Important!

I know my athletes get sick of me saying it. But my continuous, incessant nagging is truly coming from a place of care and loving.  Hahaha.  Oh, and it will make you stronger just by being in a better position….That [...]

December 9, 2012 365Days of Strength, Band Walk Challenge, Deadlift, Glute Exercises, Kelly Starrett, Mobility, Squat Technique, strength coach

Day 338 of 365: F*ck Injury!!!

It’s a safe beat that we’ve all had an injury. The injury may have been severe or not, but we’ve all been in a place that we were injured seriously enough that we could do what we wanted, right?  It’s [...]

December 7, 2012 365Days of Strength, Deadlift, Deadlift Technique, Next Level Chiropractic, Recovery, strength coach, Strength training

Day 337 of 365: Breaking Through

Are you stuck? Does it seem like your deadlift number is engraved in stone and there’s no changing it?  I know that everyone hits a point where this seems to be the case – I’ve been there, and it sucks!  [...]

December 5, 2012 365Days of Strength, Deadlift, Deadlift Technique, Lateral Band Walks, Powerlifting, Speed Lifts, strength coach, Strength training

Day 329 of 365: A Lifter’s Quest For Pants

I recently spent every weekend for the last 4 weeks looking for f*cking pants that fit! I can’t tell you how frustrating this is for me, but on the other hand….It’s a sign that what I’m doing in regards to [...]

November 14, 2012 365Days of Strength, Deadlift, Glute Exercises, Strength training

Day 322 of 365: A Recap and Kick-Start

Hope y’all had an OUTSTANDING weekend! I wanted to quickly recap my Friday night workout experience, then give you guys and gals a workout that is sure to kick-start your Monday, and set you up for a week of big [...]

October 29, 2012 365Days of Strength, CrossFit, CrossFit Central, Deadlift, Strength training

Day 321 of 365: Throwing Down A Classic

If you’ve been a CrossFitter for a while… You undoubtedly know about the 2008 CrossFit Games Deadlift/Burpee WOD. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, and you consider yourself a CF’er, SHAME ON YOU!  Study your craft! In either [...]

October 26, 2012 365Days of Strength, CrossFit, CrossFit Central, Deadlift, Strength training

Day 309 of 365: .COM Demo!

When I first started CrossFit, I remember watching .com WOD demos like they were gospel. I remember thinking to myself how awesome it would be to be one of them!  Now, I’m not claiming to be on the same level [...]

October 5, 2012 365Days of Strength, CrossFit, Deadlift, Deadlift Technique, strength coach, Strength training

Day 301 of 365: Another Kind Of Low-Bar

Yesterday we hit up some trap bar deadlifts, cleans and strict presses, among other badassery that went down during the warmup. The focus of today’s post is to share with you the very versatile trap bar.  If y’all haven’t seen [...]

September 19, 2012 365Days of Strength, Deadlift, Deadlift Technique, Posterior Chain, Strength training, Trap Bar Deadlift