Sunday 14th February 2016,
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3 Fast’n'Nasty SWODs

It goes down tonight!  The 2nd Friday Night SWOD is being hosted by New Braunfels CrossFit.  Be there ON TIME!  We will be detailing each of the workouts, the movements and the movement standards prior to the kick-off of the [...]

October 11, 2013 FireSWOD

On A New Path

It’s Saturday night and I am getting one last post in before I head to Hawaii for a week-long vacation.  As I write that, I feel extremely fortunate to have the means to take such a trip.  I am planning [...]

April 29, 2013 FireSWOD, Inspiration

Smokin’ It

Here’s the deal. The video that you are about to see is footage of some of the firefighters I work with bustin’ there asses.  It should be clear that what looks like a workout is actually our warmup.  I am [...]

February 21, 2013 FireSWOD

Day 357 of 365: The Double S’s Represented in INDIA!!!

This is F*CKING crazy to me….. But, my brand has made an appearance in INDIA!!! One of my hardest working athletes, Ashok, recently took a trip home to India.  While there, he did not want to lose the gains that [...]

January 25, 2013 365Days of Strength, Fire fighters, FireSWOD, Hybrid Training, Sandbags, strength coach, Strength training, Underground Strength, Underground Strength Coach

Day 355 of 365: Lead From The Front

For today’s post I am not going to spend a lot of time typing or explaining what it’s all about.  Instead, I am simply going to link you to an article I wrote for the Triune.  It’s an amazing story [...]

January 15, 2013 365Days of Strength, CrossFit, CrossFit Central, Fire fighters, FireSWOD, Gratitude, Inspiration, Prowler

Day 344 of 365: Firefighter Conditioning

The men and women of the FireSWOD wanted to take shit to the next level…. My FireSWOD crew is one of the most driven and competitive groups that I’ve ever had the privilege to coach.  Due to the fact that [...]

December 19, 2012 365Days of Strength, CrossFit, Fire fighters, FireSWOD, Inspiration, Pullups, Pushups, Sandbags, strength coach, Strength training

Day 334 of 365: So You Want An Ass Kickin’?!

I know some of you out there are sick and twisted. Demented in a way that serves you well.  You push yourself so hard that when it feels like you’re about to red-line or break, you keep pushing.  F*CK THAT!!!….You [...]

November 28, 2012 365Days of Strength, Fire fighters, FireSWOD, Grip Strength, Hybrid Training, strength coach, Strength training, Strongman

Day 314 of 365: A Different Kind Of Strength

If you’ve been training for a while… Or at least been following my blog for some time now, you know that there are several different types of strength.  During any given workout, you’ve most likely experienced moments that require more [...]

October 15, 2012 365Days of Strength, Fire fighters, FireSWOD, Strength training

Day 297 of 365: BASICS

How many times have you been standing in the gym wondering what the hell you’re gonna do for your workout, because everything you have done and know is so damn complicated that you’re burned out just thinking about it? It’s [...]

September 11, 2012 365Days of Strength, Fire fighters, FireSWOD, Hybrid Training, Inspiration, Strength training

Day 246 of 365: New Complex

ALRIGHT!  I’ve got a new barbell complex for you guys and gals to try!  ps. I bet the BEAST in the picture above did a complex or two in his time….Just sayin’. Attention! I have to warn you: This one [...]

June 19, 2012 365Days of Strength, Fire fighters, FireSWOD, Strength training