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What Does It Take pt.2

After yesterday’s post, I feel like we did a admirable job of addressing the primary reason, or root cause, behind this issue of starting a program but not being able to finish due to aches, pains, and/or injury. That being [...]

November 5, 2013 Kelly Starrett, Mobility, Recovery, squat

What Does It Take?

I’ve “preached” on this topic before….Yes, we will be discussing mobility and recovery practices once again, as it seems to never sink in that this shit is what makes or breaks an athlete – LITERALLY!  So at this point, I [...]

November 4, 2013 Low-Bar Squat, Mobility, Recovery, squat

Day 339 of 365: Why “Knees OUT” is so Important!

I know my athletes get sick of me saying it. But my continuous, incessant nagging is truly coming from a place of care and loving.  Hahaha.  Oh, and it will make you stronger just by being in a better position….That [...]

December 9, 2012 365Days of Strength, Band Walk Challenge, Deadlift, Glute Exercises, Kelly Starrett, Mobility, Squat Technique, strength coach

285 of 365: Hydration Tips. Get On It!

Tonight, I am just going to let Kelly Starrett remind y’all of something very important that is often overlooked. HYDRATION!!! Listen and apply!   [...]

August 24, 2012 365Days of Strength, Hydration, Kelly Starrett
knowwlege bomb

Day 248 of 365: Recovery Knowledge-Bomb

Usually I agree with this guy’s school of thought… (Strong Language, FYI…My Fav!) BUT, there comes a time when this mentality will only get you busted up.  It’s important to remember what you’re training for – everyone has a different [...]

June 21, 2012 365Days of Strength, CrossFit, CrossFit Central, Hydration, Mobility, Nutrition, Recovery, Strength training
>Day 38 of 365: Help Your Body Help YOU!

>Day 38 of 365: Help Your Body Help YOU!

> It’s sad to say, but most likely you are dehydrated at this very instant.   You may not think that that’s a big deal, but you are very, very wrong!!! HERE’S A TEST!!!  As you learned in the 3rd grade, [...]

November 8, 2011 365Days of Strength, Hydration, Kelly Starrett, Nutrition, Powerlifting, Strength training, SWOD, Tony Robbins
Mike SWODs


> -Hey Guys- I recently put one of my rockstar clients through a unique SWOD(StrengthWOD).  His performance, and the fact that he did something that most people would be terrified to do, inspired me to video his SWOD.  I want [...]

August 24, 2011 CrossFit Central, Mobility, strength coach, Strength training, Success Story, SWOD, Zach Even-Esh
>Just Because….

>Just Because….

> I am posting this for no other reason than it is hilarious…and that is a great reason! Enjoy!!! [...]

July 10, 2011 CrossFit Central, Mobility, Strength training, Underground Strength Coach, Zach Even-Esh
>Mobility = Strength

>Mobility = Strength

>Recently, the folks for Trigger Point Performance Therapy came by during one of our coaches’ STRICTLY STRENGTH SWOD sessions and showed us their new techniques for quickly attacking “sticky” tissue to optimize performance output!  It was an eye-opening experience for [...]

April 14, 2011 CrossFit, Kelly Starrett, Mobility
Sam Sneed Next Level Chiropractic


Sam was awesome about taking the time to ask and understand what it was that was bothering me, and then continued to visually dissect my movements to get a clear picture of what was the root of the problem. [...]

August 31, 2010 Mobility, Next Level Chiropractic