Thursday 11th February 2016,
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Backyard Throwdown

I’m sure we’ve all been there before….. Wanting to workout but struggling to muster up the motivation to drive to the gym to hit up a training session.  You’ve been there before, I know it.  It seems silly, but sometimes [...]

March 28, 2013 Strength training, SWOD

Makin’ It Happen

You don’t need the newest, the shiniest, the most expensive. When it comes to kickass workouts that leave you wondering what the hell just happened, all you really need is a creative imagination, and a willingness to try new and [...]

March 6, 2013 SWOD

A Knarly “Linda”

I don’t know what got in to me on Friday, but I decided to do a mixed up, twisted form of an already nasty workout named, “Linda”.  More commonly known as “3 Bars of Death”. @ 1.5xBW -Bench Press [...]

February 18, 2013 Strength training, SWOD

Day 359 of 365: Change of Pace

I’ve found myself struggling to get pumped about doing the “same old stuff” when it comes to my workouts.  So, I decided that I would go in a different direction and throw myself a curve ball. For those of you [...]

January 30, 2013 365Days of Strength, Grip Strength, Hybrid Training, Prowler, strength coach, Strength training, SWOD

Day 342 of 365: Packed FULL of Awesome!

It’s amazing how much AWESOME can be packed into 1 hour of training. I know that many of you that tune in to each day are not in Austin, nor a member of Red Black Gym.  This is unfortunate [...]

December 14, 2012 365Days of Strength, CrossFit, Gratitude, Inspiration, Olympic Lifting, Sandbags, Speed Lifts, strength coach, Strength training, Super Squats, SWOD
Barbell DeadLift

Day 335 of 365: FAST’N'NASTY

Y’all know how I like it…. FAST’n'NASTY. We are, in fact, talking about workouts, but I know how some of you are.  Gotta keep your minds outta the gutter.  Hahaha. But, it is true, I am a huge fan of [...]

December 2, 2012 365Days of Strength, Hybrid Training, Inspiration, Sandbags, Sprint, strength coach, Strength training, SWOD, warmup

Day 306 of 365: Movin’ Heavy Stuff

This SWOD is from Tuesday….. It still has me WRECKED! I get emails from some you asking for more videos of the stuff that I do for my personal workouts.  Well, this one is as good as any.  This is [...]

September 28, 2012 365Days of Strength, Low-Bar Squat, Olympic Lifting, Strength training, SWOD

Day 278 of 365: A Burner!!!


August 14, 2012 365Days of Strength, Strength training, SWOD

Day 253 of 365: Throwing Curve Balls

Alright.  I want you to answer this question truthfully: When you workout, do you always train heavy THEN fast? What I mean by that is do you perform your warmup then go straight to lifting heavy, then finish with your [...]

June 28, 2012 365Days of Strength, CrossFit, CrossFit Central, Powerlifting, Strength training, SWOD, Yoke carry

Day 199 of 365: Utility Warmup and/or SWOD

Hey Y’all I wanted to quickly share a video from today’s 11am Strictly Strength crew so that y’all have some new fresh ideas on how to spice up your warmup so as to avoid a rut, and eventually losing motivation [...]

April 17, 2012 365Days of Strength, Hybrid Training, Strength training, SWOD, warmup