Saturday 13th February 2016,
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Day 181 of 365: Long Overdue SWOD

This being the first week of not having to complete an OPEN wod, Michael Winchester, Benjamin Palmer, Jessica Estrada and I all knocked out a long overdue SWOD at Red Black Gym.  It was great being able to hit a workout with some weight and intensity without having to worry about what kind of silly-ass AMRAP HQ was going to come up with.  (If you can’t tell, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the programming for this year’s OPEN, but that’s for another post.)

To celebrate, we decided to program a “Strongman Complex” of sorts.  It looked like this…

Attention! …The key to getting the most out of this SWOD is to perform the complex with as much speed and intensity as you can.  Think of it as a sprint — knowing that you will get to rest as needed before hitting the next round.

As a final note, as soon as your intensity drops, you’re done.  We knocked out three rounds knowing that a forth would be performed at a low level of intensity.  At that point you’re no longer creating a beneficial hormonal response, you’re simply beating yourself up and driving your body into a state of over-training and diminishing returns.

As always, I would love for you to hit this one up! In either case, drop your comments below!  Let me know what y’all think about this post and/or the new website!


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