Sunday 07th February 2016,
Travis Holley's

Day 224 of 365: Why The Band Walk Challenge?

You may have been wondering why I hadn’t been posting over the weekend, and to be honest, it was my attempt to get some traction for the Band Walk Challenge that I posted on Friday afternoon.  It really is that important!  I want as many people taking me up on this challenge as possible, so if you haven’t heard about it or started it yet, TODAY IS THE DAY!!!  Check it out!

Here’s the deal….If you do the challenge all-out, everyday, multiple times per day – as prescribed in video above – you’ll get as strong as this dude!

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Travis Holley is a CrossFit Level II Coach, has a B.S. in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Northern Colorado, and has 3 years of experience coaching a wide variety of individuals ranging from young athletes to grandparents, and everyone in between.


  1. Did the lateral walk x 20 x 3 on Saturday. What I did not expect was the way this activates the posterior chain! I felt totally stoked and added 40# to my Back Squat 3RM the same day! This shit’s legit!

    1. Travis Holley says:

      That’s f*cking awesome!!! I try to do them every day, but I definitely make it a point to knock them out on heavy squat or dead days for that exact reason! Keep me posted on your progress!
      Live with Strength