Saturday 06th February 2016,
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Day 225 of 365: Oly Fix

You may have noticed that I am posting a lot of olympic lifting videos lately.  Rest assured, I am not conforming to the ways of those silly high-bar squatters.  Just kidding!  I have mad respect for the speed and strength these guys as gals possess, and I use both schools of thought to build my athletes and their speed and strength.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately watching the best oly lifters perform in hopes of being able to absorb and model there movements in my own lifting.  As I posted last week, Rudy Neilsen of Outlaw CrossFit has taken the coaching role for the CrossFit Central affiliate team.  As a result of this acquisition, the team has been putting a lot of time under the bar and hook-gripping the shit out of everything.  Basically, tons of squats(all variations), interval training, and, as he calls it, barbell gymnastics….or oly lifts.

In my exploration for new and useful video material to download to my brain, I found this video thanks to one of my Strictly Strength athletes, Ryan.

WARNING!!!  What you are about to see is SILLY!!!  Some scenes may be uncomprehendable to some viewers.  Please be advised.

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