Friday 12th February 2016,
Travis Holley's

Day 246 of 365: New Complex

ALRIGHT!  I’ve got a new barbell complex for you guys and gals to try!  ps. I bet the BEAST in the picture above did a complex or two in his time….Just sayin’.

Attention! I have to warn you: This one will kick your ass!  Especially if you do the KB walks along with it as the video shows.

Check it out and give it go!  I’d love to hear what you guys think….OR, better yet – I would be stoked if I got some videos of you performing this complex/workout.  If I get some good submissions, I’ll definitely post them!  Get after it!

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Travis Holley is a CrossFit Level II Coach, has a B.S. in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Northern Colorado, and has 3 years of experience coaching a wide variety of individuals ranging from young athletes to grandparents, and everyone in between.