Sunday 14th February 2016,
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Day 247 of 365: BPalmer’s Journey to Yokedoutsville

Benjamin Palmer recently posted an awesome blog about his 9 month transformation from skinny, vegan endurance athlete to protein-eating, musclebound powerhouse.  I want you all to check out using this link.

Deadlifts and Milk, Bitches

Pretty amazing results, right?

Benjamin has definitely put in the time and effort, and that’s what MUST happen if you have dreams of getting BIG and STRONG!  Before moving on to Michael Winchester’s GGRX class, BPalmer was a Strictly Strength athlete, performing SWODs like this one was what gave him a solid strength base to build upon.

Here’s another great post from Zach Even Esh on what it takes to build strength and size.

Muscle Building Secrets, Part II

The big take-away is that you need to stay focused and dedicated on your goals of increased lean muscle mass and size.  It will take time and a lot of hard work, but if you stay consistent and do the little things right each and every day, the big result will happen.  This is true for any result you may desire in your life….FYI.

Start Today!

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