Tuesday 09th February 2016,
Travis Holley's

Day 248 of 365: Recovery Knowledge-Bomb

Usually I agree with this guy’s school of thought…
(Strong Language, FYI…My Fav!)

BUT, there comes a time when this mentality will only get you busted up.  It’s important to remember what you’re training for – everyone has a different goal.  If yours includes feeling stronger, healthier and more capable than the day before – you have to LISTEN TO YOUR BODY and do the “little things” that I share in the video below on a consistent basis with unrelenting dedication.

It may sound daunting at first, but once you develop a routine and habit of doing these simple tasks, the energy, strength and vitality you’ll feel is well worth every moment!  Then you can “Rip the fucking doors off the gym” and train like a machine – you’ll feel like one!

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Travis Holley is a CrossFit Level II Coach, has a B.S. in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Northern Colorado, and has 3 years of experience coaching a wide variety of individuals ranging from young athletes to grandparents, and everyone in between.


  1. Don’t forget beards – you recover at least six times faster with a beard…