Thursday 11th February 2016,
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Day 298 of 365: The Runner

This is simply amazing!!!
And probably one of the most powerful clips I’ve ever seen….

A friend and fellow coach, Conner Moore, tweeted this video out to some of the CrossFit Central coaches, and I was completely blown away by it!  I will warn you, some of the images towards the end may be hard for some you to watch.  But, what you will find is that the “runner” pays respect to the animal in a customary way.  Not to mention, this is his livelyhood….keep that in mind.
Now that you’ve seen what I am so amazed by, let’s talk about it.
I found this to be powerful on several levels, as I’m sure you did.
1) The fact that these men are so in-tune with their environment and the animals that share that environment is something foreign to modern day people.  Think about it…These hunters we’re able to tap in to the energy of the animal in order to pursue it, even when the trail is unreadable!  Incredible!
2) The endurance, power, determination of both animals, man and beast, is truly a beautiful thing.  I know I talk a lot of shit about endurance, but I do respect it – There’s no doubt about that.  Especially when it’s in this context….Holy shit!!!
3) The respect given from the hunter to the animal is so primal.  It may sound ridiculous, but that deep respect given to the animal for living and surviving the way it had resonated deep inside of me.  I am a hunter.  I know what it means to take the life of something, but in doing so, you gain so much respect for the animal and life in general.

Again, this hit me on many different levels, but it truly shows what is important in life:

Try to live today as if this is all you had….and all you needed.

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