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Day 299 of 365: Always A Fire

Travis Holley September 16, 2012 365Days of Strength, Gratitude, Inspiration, Tony Robbins Comments

It’s Sunday afternoon.

Some of you are out having fun with family and friends.  Others are keeping your nose to the grind stone.  In either case, I hope you get the chance to watch this outstanding short film about Chad Jones and the trials he’s faced.  I think this will give you whatever you need to make this upcoming week/month/year one of success, gratitude and love.  IT IS THAT POWERFUL!

Absolutely amazing, right?!

I’ll tell you why I found it to be such a powerful film.  First off, the obvious.  This guy is an phenomenal athlete!  No doubt about it…this guy had talent above and beyond what even top-level, pros have.  One reason I think this may be the case is due to the power of his thoughts, but we will get to that.

Secondly, Jones was at the top when everything came crashing down.  And it wasn’t because he was being some jackass, driving around high and drunk.  No.  He drove over some train tracks and things were out of his control.  It’s sad, but I think this happened for a reason.  It happened because the universe knew he could handle it….even if he didn’t.  It also serves others to see that he came back.  It’s a message to everyone that listens to his story that we are capable of doing so much more than we give ourselves credit for.

What does it take?  This is where we get back to the power of thought.  Never once did you hear Jones speak a negative word about the incident.  Now, you may being saying to yourself that of course he wouldn’t say anything negative in front of the camera.  But here’s my view…This guy understands the power of his thoughts and words.  He knows that what he thinks dictates everything about his life.  He’s mastered his mind and the words that come out, because after all, nothing is real until you speak it, right?  Think about that.  Nothing exists until you create it first with your words.  Might be something to ponder and possibly consciously tune in to…..

  What really gets me, though, is that towards the end of the film, Chad shares his vision of what it will be like when he steps on the field to play again.  Let me say that again.  He shares his vision of what it will be like when he steps on the field to play again.  It is easy to see that through his language, he has already decided that this day will come to be.  He knows the details of this moment.  You could probably ask him what this moment smells like, tastes like, feels like, sounds like, and he would know, without hesitation, all the details.  He has already done it in his mind and with his language.  The only thing left now is to follow through with his physical self.  And that is what he is doing with his incredible work ethic and dedication to getting better every day.

I’ll leave you with these quotes from Tony Robbins.  I hope that you’ll take the time to truly think about them and apply them to your life.

“Success leaves clues.”
-Tony Robbins

“Consider that life does not happen TO you, but that it is happening FOR you.”
-Tony Robbins

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