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Day 302 of 365: Sick Pump

Sometimes you just gotta get your pump on!

Think back for a second….When was the last time you did a bicep curl with the intent of just blowing out the muscle group?  It’s probably been a while.  Part of this is probably due to the craze of “Functional Fitness”, which does not officially consider the curl “functional”.  I disagree.

There are many ways to fire the bicep without performing curls.  But sometimes it’s fun to just go nuts on some curls and get that pump that you would strive for in the high school weight room.

That’s exactly what we did after the TrapBar Deadlift/Clean&Press SWOD.  We decided that we would hit a nasty session of drop set or burnout sets.   As you’ll see, Benjamin Palmer is a wild man on the EZ Curl bar.  This dude went for 4:44!!! As badass as that is,  I didn’t want to put you to sleep, so I cut some of the action out of everyone’s sets.  Here we go!

Now, as sexy as cranking out curl after curl sounds, this form of training is pretty damn traumatic on the muscles.  It may sound dumb, but if you haven’t done curls in a while, or tend to have bicep tendon issues, you may want to skip this until a later date.  We do curls more than most CrossFit athletes (if you want to call us that) and I am JACKED up from this session.  Proceed with caution!  Take care of your body afterwards!

In fact, if you need to avoid pissing off your bicep tendon, you can always switch it up and punish the triceps.  I mean, the tricep is really what makes your arm look bigger anyway, so why not crush it?!

Check out coach Aaron Arehart cranking out skull crushers like it’s his job!  BOOM!


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