Sunday 07th February 2016,
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Day 306 of 365: Movin’ Heavy Stuff

This SWOD is from Tuesday…..
It still has me WRECKED!

I get emails from some you asking for more videos of the stuff that I do for my personal workouts.  Well, this one is as good as any.  This is truly the type of thing that I love hitting up when I’m at the gym.

This workout had a couple cool components that made it enjoyable for me.  First, the warmup was a relatively high-volume, body weight session.  It’s come to my attention that we get a ton of volume with heavy loads, but rarely do we hit high-rep sets of gymnastics movements.  So in order to turn that around a bit, I threw in 60 pushups and 60 situps right at the beginning of the session.  This definitely got a warm, but was also something new.

Secondly, and my favorite part of the session, was the relatively heavy loads we were using.  As you all know by now, I love moving heavy shit!  So, as you’ll see in the video below, I am right at home knocking out heavy low-bar back squats and unbroken sets of heavy hang cleans…..Which brings me to my third point of interest – SPEED!

This may come to surprise you, but when your goal is to move as much weight as you can during an unbroken set of 5 Hang Cleans……You MUST be fast!  There is no other way to make it happen.

So without further delay…’s some footage from Tuesday’s session.

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Travis Holley is a CrossFit Level II Coach, has a B.S. in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Northern Colorado, and has 3 years of experience coaching a wide variety of individuals ranging from young athletes to grandparents, and everyone in between.