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Day 310 of 365: Tactical Beard

Travis Holley October 7, 2012 CrossFit, Strength training, Uncategorized Comments

You think you know…..

But you have no idea.

I got this courtesy of my man, Matt Munson.  Matt is the owner of CrossFit Champions in Houston, Texas and a big player in the CrossFit community down here.  He and his wife, Pam, are just a few posts into their own 365 days of blogging, so I wanted to highlight them and what they’re doing right off the bat!

Not to mention, his beard was outstanding, but for some unknown reason, this silver fox of a man decided that he should cut the silvery source of power.  So….It is my duty as a fellow beardsman to give him the kick in the ass he needs.  So there!  GROW THAT SHIT BACK!!!

Anyway…back to the tactical beard.  Check this out – Pretty awesome!!!

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