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Day 316 of 365: The Big Man Goes Upside Down

Travis Holley October 17, 2012 365Days of Strength, Fire fighters Comments

I have a question for you….

How many of you out there are strong as shit, but are unable to kick in to a handstand or are just simply uncomfortable being upside down?

My guess is that there is a large number of you out there that fit that description well….

Now, imagine being 260lbs and being uncomfortable with kicking into a handstand.  That’s a lot of weight to be supported, and the idea of it can play tricks on the mind, making it a whole other ball game!

This is exactly the case with one of my newest athletes, Nick Mounce.  Nick is a former Marine, former firefighter, and current rockstar stay-at-home-dad.  So to say that he is a very capable human being is an understatement.  Besides having an outstanding “life resume”, Nick is a driven athlete that happens to be very dialed in to what he is good at, and what he is lacking in order to be well-rounded — a unique and valuable characteristic if you ask me.

Nick will be the first one to tell you that he is not cool with being upside down, but as his coach, I knew the dude is as strong as an ox, it was just that he didn’t trust himself.  That’s the first step….You gotta trust that YOU can hold YOURSELF up.  That being said, some people need a lot more strength work in order to get to the point of trusting themselves to get the job done.

Attention! … A cautionary point here:  When getting athletes to the point of holding a handstand, DON’T rush them!  For some people this is a psychological thing, not just a laziness or coordination issue.  Be able to differentiate when you are pushing too hard and when it’s safe to push them a bit further.

With Nick, it was an easy job.  With his strength, I made it his sole responsibility to “Keep your arms straight!”  If he did that, we would have no issues.  And after a couple sets of me putting him on the wall, he soon began trusting his own strength.

This was the result!
—>Watch until the very end….notice that “kid on a playground” smile.  AWESOME!<—

Again, this may not be a big deal to some of you out there, but you have to realize that this is a BIG man doing something that has previously scared the shit out of him!
Forget the damn handstand…..How about facing your fears?!  That’s what I’m talking about!!!

Go knock out some of yours!

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