Tuesday 09th February 2016,
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Day 320 of 365: A SWOD That Makes You Cry For MOMMY!

I am sitting here on my couch as I write today’s post….

I am sitting as still as possible.  “Why”, you ask?  Well, because I feel as those my ass checks are on the verge of cramping simultaneously all because of the SWOD that we hit today!

Tonight’s post is going to be very brief, but it offers the opportunity to do something that will test not only your mental fortitude, but your muscular fortitude as well.  I say that because after the very first length of walking barbell lunges, my ass was lit up to the post of near lock-down.  It was touch’n'go for about 3 minutes after the first set as I attempted to bend over to pull my first snatch.  WOW!

Anyway, this SWOD will most likely ruin you, so if you have anything important to do in the coming days – like sitting on the toilet – you may want to think twice.  Hahaha!

Here is it:

3 Rounds @135/95

5 BB Clusters(Full Clean to Thruster)
BB Walking Lunges —–>(approx. 10 steps)
5 BB Snatches
BB Walking Lunges <—–(approx. 10 steps)

NOTE: During the lunge, keep your shin on the front leg vertical at minimum!  Do not let the knee travel in front of the ankle!  Don’t do it!!!

Give it go and let me know what kind of effect it has on you by posting comments below!

Go get it!!!

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