Sunday 14th February 2016,
Travis Holley's

Day 324 of 365: Arnold

I don’t give a damn which fitness routine you subscribe to.

Whatever it is, it IS because Arnold Schwarzenegger made fitness sexy.  It’s not very often that one man or woman starts something that profoundly changes the way the world operates, but Arnold did just that.

Many of you have probably already seen his Blueprint to Success produced by ESPNs 30 for 30.  Well, if you have, I don’t care.  Watch it again.  And again. And Again!  The value of this 12 minute video is immense!  There are Knowledge bombs being dropped throughout the entire video that, if you simply open your mind and ears, you will be moved and impacted in a very powerful way….regardless of what you are trying to “get out of it”.

Listen to the lessons hes shares with you.  Yes, they apply to more than just weightlifting.  Life is bigger than lifting weights….Lifting weights is just another way we learn more about ourselves and life in general.


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Travis Holley is a CrossFit Level II Coach, has a B.S. in Sport and Exercise Science from the University of Northern Colorado, and has 3 years of experience coaching a wide variety of individuals ranging from young athletes to grandparents, and everyone in between.