Sunday 14th February 2016,
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Gawker Knows Best, Right?

When you think of sound training knowledge, the first resource that comes to mind is GAWKER, right?  Yeah, me neither.  In fact when one of my athletes sent this link to me I almost automatically discounted any information provided….but I [...]

November 14, 2013 Strength training

What Does It Take pt.2

After yesterday’s post, I feel like we did a admirable job of addressing the primary reason, or root cause, behind this issue of starting a program but not being able to finish due to aches, pains, and/or injury. That being [...]

November 5, 2013 Kelly Starrett, Mobility, Recovery, squat

What Does It Take?

I’ve “preached” on this topic before….Yes, we will be discussing mobility and recovery practices once again, as it seems to never sink in that this shit is what makes or breaks an athlete – LITERALLY!  So at this point, I [...]

November 4, 2013 Low-Bar Squat, Mobility, Recovery, squat

Friday Night SWOD Success!

Friday night was a freaking BLAST! We had 36 athletes compete at the New Braunfels CrossFit edition of the FRIDAY NIGHT SWOD, and I couldn’t even throw out a good guess as to how many spectators showed up to support [...]

October 14, 2013 Friday Night SWOD

3 Fast’n'Nasty SWODs

It goes down tonight!  The 2nd Friday Night SWOD is being hosted by New Braunfels CrossFit.  Be there ON TIME!  We will be detailing each of the workouts, the movements and the movement standards prior to the kick-off of the [...]

October 11, 2013 FireSWOD

Another Friday Night SWOD

Several months ago, Jen, owner and creator of LIFT For Women, and I hosted our very first competition at Red Black Gym.  It was a huge success and got us thinking about offering this style of throwdown to other gyms [...]

September 25, 2013 Friday Night SWOD

Pussification. Sad.

Most people out there would agree that Burpees do, in fact, suck!  I am one that doesn’t really mind them, but that’s probably due to how close I am to the floor as it is – I don’t really have [...]

September 20, 2013 Strength training

We’ve Got BIG Balls!

Some of you are very well aware of the fact that today is “Hump Day”.  I’ll spare you the redundancy of posting the camel in the office commercial(a great one, BTW.), instead I’ll share this gem with you! Who says [...]

September 18, 2013 Uncategorized

SS Quiz & Selection – Important!!!

HEY, you!!! Ask yourself these 5 simple questions – BE HONEST: 1. Do I truly have work ethic? 2. Am I coach-able? 3. Do I have a team-player mentality? 4. Do I truly want to become stronger and fitter – [...]

August 15, 2013 strength coach, Strength training, Strictly Strength Coaches, Strictly Strength Project

Sacrifice and Focus

Bare with me on today’s post….it’s going to be all over the map, but I will do my best to tie it all back together. Yesterday, I say the documentary, “SOMM”.  I went in expecting to be entertained, as one [...]

July 31, 2013 Inspiration