Tuesday 06th October 2015,
Travis Holley's

Strictly Strength Results

You may want to sit down to read this…

The first session of STRICTLY STRENGTH was a major success!!!  People were lifting weights that they never thought they could, and had a hell of a time doing it!  I’ll keep this short since there are so many numbers to report, but to all of you that participated in this first session – Y’all rocked it, and I am stoked to have had the opportunity to work with each and every one of you!  Great Work!

Jeff Morgan
BS = 205—>255
P = 145—>150
DL = 315—>350
Kris Morgan
BS = 125—>135
P = 60—>65
DL = 165—>185

Nick Blasier
BS = 225—>275
P = 105—>115
DL = 365—>335(injury)
Mary De’Scacchi 
BS = 155—>200
P =60—>70
DL = 215—>235
Sheila De’Scacchi 
BS = 125—>185
P = 70—>70
DL =155—>175
Jeremy Petrie
BS = 225
P = 135
DL = 315
Alan Raphael 
BS = 285—>325
P = 145—>165
DL = 355—>400 

 Jeff Blaylock(The price of VICTORY!)
BS = 190—>205
P = 115—>125
DL = 285—>315
Diana Gongora
BS = 125—>(restriction on squats)
P =70—>70
DL = 165—>180

Jarrrett Webb
BS =135—>165
P = 105—>105
DL = 165—>215

Dave Re
BS = 345—>345
P = 175—>175
DL = 365—>385
Aaron Marco
BS = 215—>255
P = 135—>155
DL = 275—>335
Alex Hitzelberg
BS = 265—>265(EASY!!!)
P = 135—>130
DL = 315—>345

STRICTLY STRENGTH – Session 2 – Results

It’s FINALLY time!!!
I’ve received all final CrossFit Total results and the gains were, yet again, awesome!  Everyone worked extremely hard for their successes and I enjoyed every single session.  This was a group of rockstars!!! Some athletes made small poundage gains, but found that their knowledge and confidence was boosted to new levels!!!  Here are a couple testimonials that say it all.
Going into Strictly Strength (SS) I was excited and eager to learn and lift. I have lifted weight for years, but the weights I lifted before and what I learned and performed in SS are two completely different things. Although I think my ending numbers at the end of session 2 could have been better, I walked away from SS with great confidence in my form and my lifting. It has provided me the opportunity to go into a WOD knowing what I can lift really well and what is challenge for me, and to know that I can do my lifts comfortably, not hurt myself and to be strong and confident with it.


I have also learned why a lift has not gone right when it hasn’t. I feel it. Either my knees are not open, shoulders not back, body not tight, I now know what I have done wrong, when I have done it and how to correct it.


Also, I appreciate you as a Coach, and taking the time to create and devote to the classes, myself and my lifting mates. The individual attention and encouragement speak volumes. I continue to tell everyone to sign up for SS and I intend to take another class mid 2011 to see if I can get those numbers a bit higher.


Thanks again!

Mary de’Scacchi

You asked for feedback from my experience from taking your Strictly Strength program over the past 16 weeks. 
Well, I can definitely say that I made significant improvements in my strength especially in the first session.  I got stronger in my back squat, dead lift and shoulder press.  Yet as awesome as that is, I don’t think it tells the whole story.  In Cross Fit we learn, in every class, the right way to perform an exercise by repetition of movement.  But during WODs where we move quickly from one movement to the other, form can quickly diminish.  In Strictly Strength proper form is reinforced as well, but doing the movements with less repetitions and heavier weight has really reinforced what proper form feels like.  Now I know when I’m not performing an exercise correctly before a coach has to tell me.  I am much more confident when I perform exercises to push my limits. 
Strictly Strength also helped motivate me to dial in my nutrition.  Consequently I have seen tremendous improvements in my body, in my ability to perform WODs in class, and how I feel during workouts.
Strictly Strength provided a real boost to my overall performance as a Cross Fitter!
Thanks for your patience, for being a great coach, and for putting up with my stupid jokes!  
Sheila de’Scacchi


  Landon Adams
BS = 345—>385
SP = 185—>190
DL = 485
Dave Re
BS = 345—>360
SP = 175
DL = 385—>400
Stephen Dillard
BS = 405—>425
SP = 175—>185
DL = 455—>465
 Julius, Frost, and Morgan
 Jeff Morgan
BS = 255—>275
SP = 150
DL = 350—>360
 Michael Frost
BS = 300—>305
SP = 165—>185
DL = 400—>405

Julius Degesys
 BS = 205—>225
SP = 120—>130
DL = 245—>315
Alan Raphael
BS = 325—>400
SP = 165
DL = 400—>425(+)
Mary de’Scacchi
BS = 200
SP = 70
DL = 215
 Sheila de’Scacchi
BS = 185
SP = 70
DL = 165
Alan, Mary and Sheila
Diana, Cory, and Lisa

Diana Gongora
Pullup = Red+Green band—>Red band
SP = 70
Floor Press = 70—>105
 Cory Brown
BS = 245—>255
SP = 145—>155
DL = 365—>385
 Lisa O’Dea
BS = 150—>165
SP = 70—>75
DL = 205—>210
 Alex Hitzelberg 
(injury and all)
 BS = 245
SP = 125—>130
DL = 365—>385